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~ Notice of Rate Increase ~

Almost 11 years in business and only 2 price increases along the way starting 4/01/2021. The reason I say reluctantly is because almost 11 years in business, voted best in Azle and Parker county and our objective is and will always be to grow and maintain our business by providing the absolute best service for our customers at the absolute most affordable rate. Furthermore, I assure you that while rate increases for our service will be necessary from time to time to keep up with the rising costs of doing business such as upgrades and repairs, fuel surcharges, disposal fees, environmental fees and insurance as well as to better take care of the guys that take care of our customers, we will always maintain the absolute most affordable rate possible. In fact, in 2019 the landfill doubled their rate on us and while other companies quickly passed that increase along to their customers we have held off and absorbed the added expense ourselves for as long as possible while the cost of everything else has continued to rise as well. Again, I wish this was not necessary but rate increases will be few and far between and I look forward to what will hopefully be at least 5 years or longer before having to implement another one.

Current Rate Rate beginning 4/01/2021
$7.50 $8.75
$15.00 $17.50
$30.00 $35.00
$45.00 $52.50
$60.00 $70.00
$90.00 $105.00

Coming up on 11 years in business and this is only the 3rd increase along the way with the last one being nearly 4 years ago and again I wish this was not necessary but if we are to stay in business and continue to provide a quality service for the community as well as take care of our employees then it is imperative that we make adjustments from time to time to keep up with rising costs but believe me when I say that this probably hurts my feelings more than anyone else’s because one thing we pride ourselves on most is rate stability and I assure you it will be quite some time before we do this again. 

Other than that, we appreciate you more than you know and if you have any questions or concerns about the rate increase or about anything else then never hesitate to call or email.

Tim Green



~ Service announcement: ~

First of all I hope everyone is safe, healthy and adhering to the necessary guidelines as it pertains to the coronavirus while the uncertainty of it all gets sorted and figured out. I know these are scary times as businesses are being forced to shut down or adjust and workers are being laid off and the financial stress is very real for many folks but hang in there as these uncertain times will pass and I believe they will pass quickly. I believe it will pass quickly and I believe there is a tremendous boom like we have never seen before that awaits our country just on the other side of it all. Pray for your families, pray for your neighbors and pray for your country and beyond! Try your best to be patient and understanding of others and together we will see the other side of this...

With that being said this notice is also to inform everyone that trash service is considered public works and is essential to the health and well being of society so Atex Trash Service and our operations will not be effected by any shelter in place orders that may come down. It is business as usual for us with certain extra precautions and certain accommodations that could cause slower than normal service but as always we will work hard to make sure everyone is taken care of.

With that being said we at Atex Trash Service consider ourselves very lucky to still have a job to do and because of the economic impact I know many will undoubtedly feel I have had a long talk with my guys about the importance of seeking opportunities to safely do business locally when and where we can. It is vital now more that ever that we do all we can to help the people around us as much as safely possible as we truly are all in this together and together we will see the other side of this!

Hang in there and be safe, be positive and patient and I appreciate you all so much!!!

Tim Green



Important Update:

Atex Trash Service is growing fast and it will soon be time to split several of our routes. As we grow we never know where we will have to split them until the time comes to do so. Please make sure your trash is out and ready by 7:00 AM to ensure pick up for the week.

Keep in mind as well that anything you can do to help make for a quick easy pick up will help keep our costs down so that we can continue to keep your cost down. Make sure all trash is bagged and secure and certainly anything you can do to help keep the animals out would be most helpful.

Again and always, we thank you……

Free Service for Referrals:

Atex Trash Service knows that you do not have to tell others about us so it only makes sense for us to help our customers for helping us. We will give you 1 free month of service or credit towards your account that is equal to the referred customer’s monthly service. There is a $35.00 maximum for credit on any and all referrals.

A look to the future:

Atex Trash Service is devoted to providing the absolute best service for our customers, the absolute best work environment for our employees and we are dedicated to building towards a better, cleaner tomorrow. As we grow we look to set new standards in better business practices and redefine what it means to be held accountable. 

Atex Trash Service is more than just another trash service or disposal company. Atex Trash Service and the way we conduct our business and treat the people around us is a lifetime commitment to continuous progression and growth towards a better tomorrow and a safer, cleaner environment.

Although we are growing fast we are still a young company, thus our abilities are somewhat limited for now but as we grow we look to be able to accommodate all of the communities disposal needs. As well, we will be looking to invest back into the community and in safer, cleaner ways of disposing of our waste.

Technology is making huge advances and we have our eyes on the direction we wish to take this company as the future unfolds. Even though we are a long way away from anything, thanks to your trust and confidence in us we have come a long way in a short time already and the rest will get here one decision, one action and one day at a time. 

Again and always, we thank you for your business and for your trust…

Email us at: support@atextrash.com


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